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Extended Reality Glasses

Put on your extended reality glasses and experience the magic. Feel as if you were really together with your friends and colleagues.

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Increase your productivity

Employees trained in extended reality are:


more confident to act on what they learned compared to ordinary e-learning


faster trained than those trained offline


more focused than e-learners


more emotionally connected to the content than offline learners

*PwC VR Soft Skills Training Efficacy Study, 2020

Instead of being a disembodied video stuck on the wall, become an active participant in the space


Dive into our culture

Matus Kirchmayer


20+ years video gaming experience, former leader of an award-winning team for the most realistic human behaviour ever seen in video games - Assassins Creed.

Maria Vircikova


European Woman in Tech 2020, pioneer of social human-robot interaction, lectured on AI at universities and conferences on all continents, Forbes top “Women in Business” and “30 under 30.”

Marian Dvorsky

Backend Engineer

15+ years experience in software engineering. Previously at Google in Mountain View, building large data processing systems including MapReduce.

Erik Gajdos

Producer and Tech Lead

of more than 30 projects, including the world's first mixed reality installation in Zoo and the world's first AI-driven 3D skin analyzer. 

Plamena Manolova

3D and Computer Vision Expert

former tech lead in Intel Corporation responsible for 3D driver development. Created and led the development of a middleware library for Intel’s RealSense

Maria Friedmannova

User Researcher

who defined the user experience of the most popular video portal and University of Oxford alumni of experimental psychology. Worked in the Youtube team of Google Zurich.

Charles Bernardoff Pearson

3D Programmer

Graduate from ISART Digital Paris, senior in the videogames industry as Game / Level Designer and Unity C# Developer on PC and mobile games for more than 5 game dev studios in Montreal, Paris and Kosice.

Paulina Rusnakova

Project Manager

with corporate-world experience from roles ranging from a project manager, deputy head of team to a recruitment specialist in Deutsche Telekom IT solutions, volunteering in Amnesty Int., GLOBSEC, National Council and teaching English in Russia.

Charles Bernardoff Pearson

3D programmer

over 8 years experience as gameplay programmer, graduated from ISART Digital Paris, senior in the videogames industry as Game / Level Designer and Unity C# Developer on PC, consoles and mobile games. Has worked with more than 5 game dev studios in Montréal, Paris, London and Kosice.

Michal Szakala

DevOps Engineer

experience in building large-scale distributed systems involving development, testing, deployment and operations in companies based in the UK and Sweden.

Marian Jazbec


head of Presales at the biggest mobile operator leading sales teams.

Milos Kondela

AI Engineer

with experience as a Machine learning engineer at the fastest growing company in Europe and the second fastest in the world, according to SaaS 1000, alumni of ESSEC Business School in Paris and King's College London.

Tichomir Jenkut

Research Analyst Intern

2nd-year student at University of Bath School of Management with experience in consulting and marketing, volunteer for Transparency International. Ice Hockey Player

Tatiana Lorkova


former account manager in Innogy. In love with excel tables and operational issues.

Marian Dvorsky

backend engineer

Former Software Engineer in Mountain View building the largest data processing systems in the world.
Painter and avid baker.

Erik Gajdos

Producer and Tech Lead

Lead of more than 30 projects, including the world's first mixed reality installation in Zoo and the world's first AI driven skin analyzer. Dog parent.

Brian Cameron

Research Engineer

Irish team lead and core engine developer at world's biggest gaming studios, expert in 3D and physics.
Violin virtuoso.

Plamena Manolova

Software Engineer

Previously being a part of Intel Corporation in the UK where she was responsible for 3D driver development. Created and led the development of a middleware library for Intel’s RealSense. Games Programmer.

Maria Friedmannova


former UX researcher for the largest videoportal in the world, beforehand a psychology researcher at Oxford University. Singer.

Rudolf Jaksa

Head of AI

former leading AI expert at European fastest growing SaaS company, after teaching neural networks at university between 1997 and 2017.

Gergely Magyar

AI Researcher

machine learning expert, former university assistant professor and a leader researcher of Human-Robot interaction, a co-founder of an AI startup company.

Martin Certicky

AI Researcher

expert in reinforcement learning,  who received his PhD for using AI systems in game UX optimization, machine learning consultant in companies, AI researcher for one of the world's leading game development studios.

Filip Hendrichovsky

AI Researcher

former Data Scientist at a Silicon Valley startup, alumni of several European universities and a leading Japanese research AI/robotics lab, co-inventor of a patented localisation algorithm.

Patrik Sabol

AI Engineer

AI researcher at a geodetic company and a PhD. researcher from AI at Technical University and Research Scientist at Chukyo University in Japan.

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Mentors and Advisors

Terry R. Schussler
Senior Director, Spatial Computing
Deutsche Telekom, Novato, California, USA

During the development of over 200 commercial software products reaching over 50 million users on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, Terry has delivered numerous technology innovations, from AI to real-time character animations. A number of his products have been category creators, opening up new markets with long tail monetization opportunities.

Lars Vogel
Business Unit Director New Work Experience
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, MUNICH, DE

Lars identifies and develops new inspiring business, innovative solutions and strategies in XR, 5G, spatial computing, RPA, customer and employee experience solutions. He has years of experience in building up the right teams, partner management, contracting and managing sales, international business and project management for the multimedia and telecommunication industry.

Randy Adams
CEO C-level Solutions
Bend, Oregon, USA

As a C-Level founder/co-founder/technical leader of 9 venture backed technology companies, Randy has published more than 30 consumer software applications that collectively have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, raised more than $100MM in venture and have had five successful start-up exits returning more than $1B to investors.

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Neulogy Ventures, IPM LLP, Oktogon Ventures, Debris, First Stone Venture,

Granpool Innovative Investments, slido, Lubos Pahuli, Barbara Schreinerová 

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