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Host a Presentation

MATSUKO is a mobile and XR app that enables holographic video calling.

To experience this better, you will need to connect your XR Glasses with your iPhone.

MATSUKO Presentation mode is a method to make Holographic Presentations to Participants come to life, this mode uses the one to many use case.  With a presentation there is a designated individual who will Host the presentation, the Host Hologram is the only visible Hologram, all other participants' Holograms are disabled. Audio is still enabled and allows for Participants to engage in the presentation.

To Host a Presentation you will require a supported iPhone and the MATSUKO app.


To Host a presentation please first ensure that you have completed the App Installation, launch your app on your iPhone.


You will see the landing page.


The App will open on the landing page. Please select ‘Presentation’ on your iPhone.


You will see the presentation landing page. Please click ‘Host’ to host a presentation.


You can see yourself on your iPhone and the Presentation ID in the top section of the screen.