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Pair MATSUKO with iPhone & Nreal/Android Devices?


Launch your MATSUKO apps on both your iPhone and your Nreal Glasses.


At the prompt, choose 'Meeting' on your iPhone & choose 'Display Pairing Code' on your Nreal Glasses.


You should receive a prompt to 'Pair Now'. If you do not, please click on the XR Glasses Icon in the top left.
In your XR Glasses, you will receive the pairing code.


Enter the pairing code you see on your Nreal Glasses into your iPhone App & Select  'Pair Now'.


If the code is  incorrect ensure that your apps on both Nreal & iPhone are up to date (you may need to reinstall them) - if this does not work you can raise a ticket with MATSUKO by choosing 'Ask Customer Support'.


The app will check and confirm your pairing code against the XR pairing code.


When your code is correct the app will pair your devices together.