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Install MATSUKO onto my XREAL/Android Devices

You will need to connect your Android device with your XREAL Glasses, you will also need to install the Nebula app onto your Android device. Please see the XREAL website for more details on compatible devices and vendors.

MATSUKO App will act as a receiver for the 2 way communication.

Nebula App
The Nebula App will provide you with an interactive virtual display called 'MR Space' within your XREAL glasses and allow for the content from your Android phone to be visible on your XREAL glasses.


Using your Android phone, go to your Play Store and download the MATSUKO App.


Set your App Permissions to enable Mic, Camera and Files & Media.


Download and install Nebula from the Google Play Store


Connect your XREAL Glasses to your Android phone and Launch 'MR Space' from your phone using the USB-C Cable.


You can now launch your MATSUKO app from within MR Space.


You will see the landing page & pairing screen, from here you can choose to either pair your nreal glasses with your iPhone or choose the XR Glasses only option.


Your iPhone is your Camera - you should ensure that you start or join meetings using your iPhone and your nreal glasses paired for the best experience

When using the XR Glasses only option other meeting participants will not be able to see your Hologram if you do not use your iPhone.