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How do I Start or Join a Meeting?

MATSUKO MEX is a mobile and XR app that enables holographic video calling. The app is currently in development and is operational on the following devices: iPhone, Hololens 2 & Nreal.

How do I Install MATSUKO-MEX onto my iPhone?
How do I Install MATSUKO-MEX onto my Nreal/Android?
How do I Pair MATSUKO-MEX with my iPhone & Hololens 2?
How do i Pair MATSUKO-MEX with my iPhone & Nreal/Android?


To start or join a meeting please first ensure that you have completed the App Installation and Pairing of your devices.
Launch your app on both your iPhone and your XR Glasses.


To Start a new Meeting Choose 'Start a Meeting' from your iPhone.


Enter the Meeting ID to Join a Meeting.


You will then enter the meeting room and visually should be able to see yourself in your XR Glasses


You can Invite a participant by using the Invite button on your iPhone Screen.

Choose your invitation method

Enter the email address or choose your contact as an IM and send the invitation link.


You should now be able to have a meeting with other participants of this meeting room