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Record a Hologram

MATSUKO allows you to record your own holographic message (up to 30s) and share it with your friends, family, or colleagues.


Launch MATSUKO app and select ‘Record’ on your iPhone.


You will have to allow permission to access your camera and microphone to enable the full functionality of the app. If you do not allow permissions you will be presented with the following screen and will be unable to use the app until permissions have been accepted.


Click "Create new hologram" button. Press red record button to start recording.


Recording starts after countdown.


When recording is done, you can watch instant replay of the recorded video. If you are satisfied with the recording, click "Next, upload video". If not, click "Retry a new recording" and try again


After clicking the "Next, upload video" button, video is processed. You can go back to the gallery and wait until processing is done or create another hologram in the meantime


When your video is processed, you can see a thumbnail preview in your gallery.


Open the hologram by clicking the thumbnail preview in the gallery