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How do I Pair MATSUKO with my iPhone & Hololens 2?


Launch your MATSUKO apps on both your iPhone and your Hololens 2 Glasses.


At the prompt, select 'Start Pairing' on your iPhone and choose 'Display pairing code' from your Hololens 2'


In your Hololens 2 you will see your pairing code


Enter the pairing code you see on your Hololens 2 into your iPhone App & Select  'Check Pairing Code'


if the code is  incorrect ensure that your apps on both Hololens 2 & iPhone are up to date (you may need to reinstall them) - if this does not work you can raise a ticket with MATSUKO by choosing 'Ask Customer Support'


The app will search your network and confirm the pairing code..


Once the pairing code is matched, you will need to Allow the app to locate & connect to your devices


Pairing will then begin discovery of devices


If discovery fails you will be prompted to try discovery again or you can try pairing with the code again manually.

You should ensure that you have allowed the app to discover devices on your network and make sure that you are connected to the same network on both devices. If you are unable to pair successfully please contact Customer Care for assistance.


When your settings are correct the app will search your network and connect to your Hololens 2 Glasses.