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Join a Meeting from an Invite

Join a meeting with an invitation link and view your colleagues in your XR Glasses, follow the steps below to assist you.
Before you start please make sure you have completed the installation and Pairing guides for your devices below.;
How do I install MATSUKO onto my iPhone?
How do I Install MATSUKO onto my Hololens 2?
How do I Install MATSUKO onto my Nreal/Android?
How do I Pair MATSUKO with my XR Glasses?


Your meeting host can invite you to a meeting using email or Instant Messaging, click the link in the message you receive on your iPhone.


Your app will launch automatically, ensure that you have also launched your app on your XR Glasses


Once the meeting ID is validated, you will arrive in the lobby, you can see yourself on your iPhone and set your name and enable or disable your camera or mic.

When you are ready choose ‘Enter meeting ID..’. to join the meeting.


Once you have joined the meeting you will see either your hologram or your colleagues if they have joined within your XR Glasses, your iPhone will show your 2d image.

You can also see on your iPhone the meeting number in the top of the screen.

Remember... your iPhone is your webcam - so make sure it's pointing at you so that others can see your hologram.