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Install and Activate my MATSUKO App

Your onboarding specialist will assist you with the activation process, if you have not scheduled an onboarding call you can do so by using the 'Request Activation Key' option within the app.

Activation is required if you change phones or reset your current phone to factory default, however the activation key you are provided can be re-used.

You can also book your Onboarding call via this Link: MATSUKO Early Access

How do I install & Activate my App (iPhone)


Using your iPhone, go to your AppStore and Download the MATSUKO App.


Once downloaded, open the app from your Home Screen.


The App will launch with the 'Landing Page'


Select 'Enter Activation Key' or choose 'Request Activation Key' to request an On-boarding Call


If you request an activation key, please complete the Onboarding Survey


Enter the Activation Key provided by your on-boarding Specialist


If you received an error code, please try again, update your app or contact our support team.


Once your activation code is validated, your iPhone will be granted with access to the app.