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How to create your first hologram

Learn how to upload and view holograms in our app with our easy tutorial!

Create, Share and View holographic message

To create a new hologram, select "Create" at the bottom of the screen, allow access to microphone and camera, and tap on "Create new hologram".
Tap on the red Record button when you’re ready. Face the screen, wait for the countdown and record your holographic message.
Select “Next, upload video”, wait until your video is uploaded and then press “Go to my recordings”. Wait until “Processing” is finished.
To view your hologram, open the recording from My gallery. You should now see the hologram in your environment.
To send your hologram, tap on the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen during hologram replay. You can also copy the link and share it via email.
To view the holographic message, the recipient needs to click on the link that you shared with him/her. If the recipient doesn’t have the app installed, he/she is prompted to download the app.

Congratulations - your first hologram has been delivered!

We hope you are enjoying the experience.