The story of MATSUKO


We were in San Francisco together with Matus in 2017 and we went to a talk led by Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan. That summer evening, we talked a lot about the importance of technologies that revolutionize the way people communicate and connect. That's when we realized that by combining our skills, Matus’s knowledge of 3D with my expertise in AI, we could achieve this ambition together and make the holograms of ‘Star Wars’ a reality.

When you think about how we experience communication technology today, it is as if we were behind a glass screen stuck in a box. We can see and hear each other, but there is a lack of presence and interaction. It feels cold - it is not the same as being together, being face to face.  MATSUKO brings to you the missing element in video conferences: our presence. Users experience the sensation of genuinely being together in the same place. As such, we bring people closer to one another, improve relationships and in doing so, improve collaboration.  

Today, MATSUKO not only represents the app for holographic communication, but it also represents people and an immense social impact by not only what we do, but why we do it.

That’s why we’re building MATSUKO.




MATSUKO is the people.
We come from Ubisoft, Intel, Google. We are Forbes 30 under 30, Female Founders. We are part of the T-mobile Accelerator, HUBRAUM, Station F, NVIDIA Inception Programme. We are holders of Seal of Excellence by EC for excellent research activities and technological innovation.

I was fully dedicated to AI and human-computer interaction. I lectured at universities and conferences on almost all continents, and I designed the emotional model for Softbank's social robots. I also consulted Google on identifying startup and scaleup companies in the region. I was an academic with a business mind.

When I met Matus,
I couldn't believe that such a person lives in my city. He was the leader of a prestigious gaming industry award-winning team for the most realistic human behaviour ever seen in video games. The game Assassins Creed generates 1Bn euros per year.

has worked in the games industry for more than 20 years, worked on super-successful games in Montreal as technical lead, for example - as I’ve mentioned - the game Assassin's Creed and many more, e.g. Far Cry, Watch dogs, Rainbow Six, Splinter cell and other. Before moving to Canada, he‘d worked in Paris as a senior programmer in Vivendi Games, Visiware and at Planet of the Apes. Moreover, Matus founded The Online Technology Group department in UBISOFT, where he led a team of 30 experts working on how millions of players connect and play together remotely real-time in multiplayer online games.


Several core members of our team,
including for instance Paulina and Stefania have gained years of experience in international corporations like Deutsche Telekom or Accenture working for AT&T within various telecommunications projects, and expert overview of what customers' needs in this market are and in what ways available communication platforms are insufficient for a long-term cooperation.

Key people focusing on overall product development
development are extraordinarily skilled and experienced. Marian, our product tech lead, previously worked at Google Mountain View, building large data processing systems including MapReduce. Erik, our team lead, has delivered more than 30 AR/3D projects, including the world's first mixed reality installation in zoo and the world's first AI-driven 3D skin analyser.

I believe that we are a team that redefines communication of the future.

Thank you and stay with us, Maria