Bridge the gap in hybrid work with MATSUKO

Welcome New Hires

Make them feel at home from day one.

Hybrid Team Collaboration

Let them meet your hybrid team as though they were together.

Holographic Team Introductions

Introduce key team members all from one place.

Boost Engagement

Increase their engagement during the onboarding.

Let the new hires meet the whole team from day one

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Make them feel at home from day one

Welcome new hires to the workplace with MATSUKO. Step into the future and create a truly memorable onboarding experience by greeting new hires as human holograms in the Metaverse, bringing the magic of this virtual world into your company culture.

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How do I know which iPhone model and iOS version do I have?
Can I communicate with people who don’t have the app installed?
Can I use MATSUKO app on my Android?
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Give your new hires a warm welcome

Immerse new hires in the Metaverse with unforgettable onboarding experiences using human holograms. Transform your company culture today with a free 5-month business trial and start creating a welcoming work environment that inspires.

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