Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I have on the call?

The current version allows up to 8 participants in the holographic call. You can resize and reposition the holograms to fit the space you’re in.

What is the biggest advantage?

It is the most innovative and premium remote communication experience and the closest solution to face to face conversation.

Can I work on my laptop or make notes while I have the glasses on? 

Yes, you can work on your laptop while having the call. Mixed reality glasses are transparent.

What is MATSUKO Company?

MATSUKO is a B2B software company revolutionizing the way organizations and people communicate remotely today. Real people in the world’s highest quality - not just avatars - are transferred into your real room, in real-time, using our proprietary machine learning technology. Our mission is to fill in the missing element in video conferences, the essence of communication, our presence. We want to bring people closer and improve collaboration.